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What is Aircosaver

Aircosaver is an electronic control unit that adds state of the art intelligence to existing AC systems improving efficiency between 20 - 30% resulting in a short ROI (return of investment) period. Its sensor-driven software algorithms are designed to detect thermodynamic saturation and to optimize the compressors accordingly. When over capacity is detected, the Aircosaver switches the compressor off and avoids inefficient over cooling. 

When the Aircosaver switches the AC system into "saver mode" the AC system makes maximum use of the stored cooling energy in the evaporator. Aircosaver had a sensor installed on the supply side of the evaporator which detects when the stored energy is used, once detected the compressor can work efficiently again and is switched on.

Since the correct point to switch the compressor varies from AC system to AC system and changes with different weather conditions, the Aircosaver is constantly adapting its settings to ensure efficient operation of the AC system at all times. 


Upgrade your air conditioning now!

Instead of investing a lot of money into new air conditioning systems, there is an easy and affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of your existing unit. Contact us today to upgrade with Aircosaver.


Energy savings of 20 - 30%

Independent test and reference installations have demonstrated average energy savings of between 20% & 30% - some clients have reported even higher savings. ROI return of investment for most applications is between 6 - 18 months.

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For which systems is the Aircosaver compatible? 

The standard Aircosaver is suitable for most homes and commercial AC systems, e.g. wall-mounted and window units, single split systems, cassette units and RTU (roof top units).

Fixing an Air Conditioner

Retrofit system - quick and easy to install

The Aircosaver is designed to be installed into existing systems as a retrofit device. Installation is simple and take approximately 15 - 30 minutes.

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Aircosaver features & benefits 

  • Separate version for all main power supplies (230v, 110v & 24v).      

  • Optimized for systems up to 10-tons.                    

  • Anti short cycling protection & overall compressor protection.   

  • Enclosure made of non-flammable shock-proof polycarbonate.

  • Tested and compliant to international product safety standards.   

  • Developed & tested in Germany to highest quality standards.



Because of the success of our product we are seeking new distributors in various sates and also other countries. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact us and see if we can do business together.

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